Perfectly Happy Outdoor EDC

When I started to collected my "Perfectly Happy Outdoor EDC" items, I wanted to make sure not to run into a situation where I might miss anything, but still being able to carry everything around without the need of a wheelbarrow. Decide yourselves if I made it right. Happy to get your feedback, rating and ideas upon how to improve my Outdoor #EDC.

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magister ·
Nice pack!
As far as the Maxpedition limits the size and number of your EDC items I would make some changes. No need 4 different knives (plus the Victorinox spirit's two more blades). But a stronger knife to woodworks and batoning could do a real difference. What about Victorinox nomad for example?
3 pens for outdoor activity is unnecessary.
Though a compass would be a great help in the woods.
Also, some more redundancy on fire making. A BiC lighter maybe, and some petroleum jelly?
A small bottle of bug spray can make you happier in the field after sunset.
Have fun!
Tim Murphy ·
Agree - 4 knives plus a multitool is a lot. Maybe you just like knives and want carry a bunch (in which case, that's cool!). But definitely some opportunities to trim this down. Seems maybe like the Maxpedition case has given you something you feel like you need to fill, and has led to more items than necessary? Just a thought - killer ingredients either way! Thanks for sharing.
Martin ·
Thanks for the feedbacks "magister" and Tim. To be honest, yes I love to collect them :-) you both hit spot. For sure I can slim down and I have also noticed that I tend to only use the same knife anyway which is the CRKT Ken Onion Ripple or if needed the serrated Delica 4. Also right - I tried to fill up the Maxpedition Beefy but I have to say that it is not convenient as the Beefy is getting way to heavy and the knives are making a part of this weight. So time for a further slim down. Bug spray, thanks for the hint as they tend to bite me all the time it will be more then helpful. Again thanks and glad you like my EDC
Benedikt H ·
BTW: It's, in my view, a 'Carl Wüsthof Gladiator - Mirror'.
Martin ·
Hi Benedict, many thanks for your hint as I have stressed Google searching for the true name but could not find it. It has a normal and a small blade and that's it right? Do you have a link with a description? Any idea how old it is?
Daneson ·
Nice choice on the No.16's - enjoy!
Martin ·
I do :-) glad I could order them in Germany
Martin ·
Thanks for all your likes, please do not hesitate to give me any feedbacks, hints, advices and more.