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All of these items are highly recommended.

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Lol! I always give her the old, you remember...you shot thus one already! Works 50% of the time...or she just let's me think that. Lol
😂, that's the go to excuse.
Airborne @ Did time as grunt at bragg then off to Germany and finished up in Polk...nuff said! Joined up 8 years later ad a camera jockey. Great gig. Looks like the army did us both some good. As for firearms, I've slowed way down on buying...I think I have enough...said no man ever! But wifey says different.
All The Way brother...and so true, wifey always says different..."oh that's nice, when did you get that one?" 😂
Got the CZ in 2013. Love it! Was carrying an M&P C 9mm...CZ topped it for me hands down. Thought about a Hi Point at the start of my gun buying but went with ruger p89. Good gun. There are so many good ones to choose from. It can be a little mind boggling! What did you do in Army if I may ask? Did a few years myself.
Brother when I was a 19 year old college kid, I would take my refund checks and just buy guns if they looked big and had no real idea how they worked but the Army squared me away real fast lol. I did 8 and a half years in Civil Affairs, and thank you for your service brother.
Not a Glock is the end all be all kinda shooter. They are excellent guns but I will shoot anything. I inherited my Glocks from my bro. Ease of carry and accessories guide my carry decision. Winter carry will prolly be 19 or ca p07 duty.
Completely agree. Glocks are phenomenal pistols. I appreciate a company like Canik that gives you functionality, dependability at a fraction of the cost. It would've cost at least $1,000.00 for me to make these same upgrades to my Glock but I'm with you on carrying anything that works. I mean I use to carry a Hi-Point just because it was easy on the wallet and went bang when I needed it to. Do you have the CZ already? That is slick looking piece, although I haven't carried anything with a cocker since the Beretta in my Army Days...
Pistol is SICK! Always interested in performance of the Canik 9.
Yeah brother...I know many people are loyal to Glock because they are proven but it becomes hard to justify the cost when there are competitors that are way more cost efficient and just as reliable. Absolutely impressed with Canik and everything you get right out of the box.