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Trending: Streamlight MicroStream AAA Flashlight

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Mon Garcia
Trending: Streamlight MicroStream AAA Flashlight

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The Streamlight Microstream is a classic AAA-sized design that continues to trend on our charts because of its pocketable size and performance for its price. Two versions of the light remain popular and relevant today: the original MicroStream, a compact, 3.6" long penlight that takes AAA alkaline batteries, and the MicroStream USB, a slightly larger upgrade that runs on a rechargeable li-ion cell. Both lights use the same rubberized tail switch that for operation: a half press gives you momentary on, and a full press gives you a constant and useful 45-lumen output on the original AAA model.

The USB version offers a 50-lumen Low that runs for 3.5 hours and a 250-lumen High with a 1.5-hour runtime. Whichever version you choose, you get an IPX4-rated aluminum chassis with abrasion-resistant Type II Military Spec anodizing. The two-way pocket clip also gives you hands-free operation by letting you clip the light onto your hat. With two options for your needs, the Streamlight MicroStream presents a tough and practical choice for an EDC light. Check them out at the link below.

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