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Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit

Chris Van Hoven
Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit

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Helping us deal with the most brutal, dirtiest jobs, our tools are designed to take a beating. But no matter how durable or well-built they are, our tools still require some proper care and maintenance once in a while. After all, our tools can only help us if they’re working correctly. And Leatherman’s Tool Maintenance Kit is here to do exactly that.

The Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit contains everything you need to clean and maintain your multi-tool, so it always performs optimally. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • Cleaning Mat: The cleaning mat provides a high-grip surface to keep your tool in place.

  • Cleaning Brush: The included cleaning brush can be used to get into tight, hard-to-reach surfaces.

  • Cleaning Pick / Cleaning Swabs: Dirt has a nasty habit of becoming harder to remove the longer you neglect it. The cleaning pick and cleaning swab help remove stubborn stains or impacted dirt that won’t come off quickly.

  • Blade Sharpener: Knife blades can dull with repeated use. You can use the included Blade Sharpener to touch up any edges that might need sharpening.

  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: Once you’ve finished scrubbing your tool with your favorite solvent, you can dry it off with the included Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

  • Lubrication Oil: Lastly, lubricating your tool is the final step in the cleaning process. You can use the included Lubrication Oil on any pivot points or locking surfaces, ensuring that your tool continues to operate smoothly.

Housing these cleaning essentials is a compact and durable nylon case. With a width of 8.5” and a height of 2.2”, the Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit can be left in your car or your garage without taking up much space. The carrying case also includes extra pockets to hold your multi-tool or pocket knife, keeping it safely in storage until you need it.

If you feel you’ve been neglecting your tools, it’s not too late to get them back looking, feeling, and working good as new. Grab your Leatherman Tool Maintenance Kit at the link below.

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