Deal Alert: 36% Off CRKT Pilar Folding Knife

The CRKT Pilar is the result of one of the most popular collaborations between CRKT and designer Jesper Voxnaes to produce durable knives that look way more impressive than their price tag would suggest. It's a compact EDC folder that’s packed with features and design you’d expect in a much more expensive knife.

Vox's minimal, nordic-inspired designs are both functional and tough. Sandwiched between two stainless steel handles is a 2.4” blade made from 8Cr13MoV steel. The small blade is easy to control, and the unique bevels add both strength and visual appeal. Since the knife is on the smaller side, there’s a generous index finger choil between the blade and handles ensure you can get a secure grip. The Pilar’s blade stays in place with an integrated frame lock system that has an interesting engraved pattern where the steel is thinned out.

Carry options include a two-way pocket clip to accommodate most carry preferences and a lanyard hole. It's available right now at a steal price of $18, so if you've been looking for a high-performance EDC knife on a budget, now's your chance to pick one up at the Amazon link below.

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Trending Tools: CRKT M16-03S

The data is in, and for Tactical Tuesday we're highlighting this upgraded re-issue of a tried-and-true tactical folder from CRKT that's been popular with our readers lately. The CRKT M16-03S improves upon the original Kit Carson design with a bump up to AUS8 blade steel from the original's 8Cr13MoV. Its handles feature skeletonized aluminum scales to reduce weight, and also take on a subdued grey finish to better blend in with urban carries. Its 3.46" spear point blade still deploys in a flash via its signature Carson Flipper mechanism (or textured thumb stud), and locks up with a liner lock. The built-in LAWKS safety adds another layer of security to ensure its liner lock doesn't disengage even during hard use. Last but not least, a 4-way reversible pocket clip grants you plenty of carry options. Grab one at the link below.

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These days, knife enthusiasts and EDCers are spoiled for choice when it comes to designs for both traditional and modern gentlemen's knives. And while the term “gentlemen's knives” may evoke images of expensive ultra-svelte premium knives, there are some more affordable gems to find if you look hard enough. Enter the CRKT Ruger LCK, a modern, distinctive, and attractive design by custom knifemaker Matthew Lerch. It is meant to be a slim, easy-to-carry, and affordable option for those looking for a practical gentleman's flipper.

Sporting a 3.325” blade made from the affordable yet ubiquitous 8Cr13MoV steel, the LCK is currently available with either a satin-finished drop point shape designed for cutting and piercing, or a discreet black modified sheepsfoot blade best suited for slicing. In spite of its minimal profile, the blade's extra length and finger choil allow for a better grip and optimal control while in use. The blade deploys via flipper tab from the LCK's glass-reinforced nylon handles, and secures with a familiar locking liner. The handles themselves feature design cues inspired by the LCK's firearm namesake, the LCP II, as shown in the textured diagonal grooves on the scales to add both an improved grip and sleek design. The LCK (Lightweight Compact Knife) also borrows from the LCP's name (Lightweight Compact Pistol) for both design inspiration and functional intent—at only 2.6 ounces and with a closed length of 4.125”, the knife is pocketable and discreet, especially with its slim profile and deep-carry pocket clip.

With gentleman’s folders enjoying great popularity due to their practicality and portability, the CRKT Ruger LCK could be your diamond in the rough: a slim, light, and affordable gentleman's knife designed to feel good in hand and fit well in your pocket. You can pick one up at the link below.

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CRKT Seismic

When it comes to work knives, safety and reliability is key. The last thing you want is for your knife to break or buckle when working on tough tasks and materials. So when it came to the Flavio Ikoma-designed CRKT Seismic, right next to ease of use and utility is an innovative locking mechanism that takes blade lockdown to the next level. Taking inspiration from bank vaults while still offering a blade that's simple and easy to use, the Seismic is an incredibly strong contender for your next work knife.

With 3.969" of 1.4116 stainless steel to work with and a long belly offered by its drop blade shape, the Seismic is suitable for any cutting task. Towards the handle you'll find Veff serrations, a different take on the standard 3-point style that's easier to both manufacture and maintain. Blade deployment is two-fold, with your choice of thumb studs or a flipper tab for ease of one-handed opening, with the latter paired with an IKBS ball bearing pivot for a quick and smooth action.

Speaking of action, the Seismic's handle is where it all happens. Forgoing the usual liner or framelock, CRKT are instead introducing their new Deadbolt lock, which is exactly what its name suggests. Beefy steel bolts interlock with both the blade and the liners much like how it would secure a safe or a door, offering an unprecedented lockdown while deployed. No slip, no play, just an incredibly strong lock. It's also as simple as it is strong, with a single large button at the pivot that disengages the lock while keeping your fingers away from the blade's path while it's closing. Textured and contoured G10 handles offer a solid grip in hand, while a skeletonized backspacer and clip give you versatile options for EDC.

The CRKT Seismic sets a new standard as a secure and strong slicer, and it's a solid choice for when the tasks get serious. Check it out at the Amazon link below.

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CRKT Slacker

When it comes to your everyday carry knife, you want something that can get things done, even if it means the dirty jobs. But don't let this knife's name fool you—the CRKT Slacker designed by Ken Onion is far from it. Based on a custom knife he made to be his personal EDC, the Slacker is a minimal design featuring CRKT's innovative Field Strip technology. It's one of the few easy-to-disassemble knives with an elegant, low-profile design without the bulk that other Field Strip knives tend to have. The end result is a highly-practical and functional knife that's well-suited to be your daily driver.

The smooth curves and organic lines of a Ken Onion design are visible everywhere you look with the Slacker. It starts with the slender 3.324” modified drop-point blade with an attractive satin finish with an 1.4116 stainless steel edge made to excel at everyday cutting and slicing tasks. The slight curve at the top of the blade makes it easier to manipulate in smaller spaces, and the jimping at the middle spine of the blade offers more control. And bringing the knife to bear when you need it is easy with its flipper opening, doubling as a finger guard at the bolster when deployed.

The handle is made of aerospace grade 6061 aluminum, helping keep the Slacker lightweight at 2.8 ounces. But unlike a lot of knives with metal handles, the Slacker has diamond texturing at the side to help your grip when things get wet and slippery. And the curved lines of the handle also let you get a full grip on the knife despite its compact size. The centerpiece of the design is the Field Strip mechanism in the pivot, which lets you fully disassemble the knife for maintenance, without any other tools necessary. It's good for routine fixes, but it really shines in the outdoors after taking on tough and dirty tasks. But whether you take the Slacker out to the field or in your pockets during your daily commute, it's ready to take on any challenge you meet while looking good to boot. Check it out at the link below.

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More New Gear from SHOT Show 2019

Last week we rounded up the standout new gear from this year's SHOT Show, the largest annual trade show for the tactical, hunting, and outdoor industries. And while we did find some exciting new upcoming releases, there’s a lot of new gear from our favorite EDC manufacturers to look forward to. In this list, we round up the 2019 catalogs of our favorite brands and talk about the new designs and directions to expect from them this year.

CRKT Squid D2

Over the past few years CRKT has really stepped up their game by putting out great EDC knives with unique designs and superior feature sets at a more affordable price point. A great example is the crowd favorite Squid—a compact folding knife designed by Lucas Burnley, boasting a stout blade and a solid frame lock. Despite its popularity, more discerning EDCers felt the cheaper 8Cr13MoV steel in the blade held it back from being a top contender for the best bang-for-your-buck blade. CRKT heard it all loud and clear and recently updated the Squid with premium D2 tool steel and a new, blacked out stonewash finish to match. If you haven't had a chance to see what the hype is about, now's the best time to add this little big knife to your rotation.

Compared to the original knife, the upgraded Squid D2 has a stronger, more robust steel that's achieves a higher hardness than 8Cr13MoV, leading to a sharper edge and better edge retention overall. It's also able to take more of a beating, making those hard-use tasks that come up every once in a while something you don't have to sweat about at all, especially with the reliable frame lock at the handle. Besides the steel this updated Squid keeps the stout drop-point blade shape that made the original a solid contender. At just 2.156” in length, it's small and pocketable while being more versatile for carry, especially in places with stricter blade length regulations. At the tip of the blade is a well-defined point for easy piercing, and the pronounced curve near the tip also lends to ease of use when it comes to delicate slicing tasks. With its large ambidextrous thumbstud, finding the blade and opening it quickly is easy. It's set up for right-handed tip-up carry, but it also has a lanyard hole at the pommel if you prefer carrying this small knife in that way.

With the new Squid D2, CRKT has taken a great everyday carry blade and made it even better by giving it the blade steel the original design deserved. If you sat on the original design because of the steel, now's the time to pick it up. And if this is your first EDC knife, it lets you get high quality steel in your hands at a manageable price point. Check out the CRKT Squid D2 now at the link below.

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CRKT Pilar Large D2

The minimalist aesthetic of the CRKT Pilar made it one of the most sought-after everyday carry knives of the past year. It paired Jesper Voxnaes's clean design language with an incredibly useful cleaver-style blade that made it handy to have on hand in a pinch. This year, with a slight increase to its dimensions and a noted improvement to the design materials, it's ready to take on even bigger tasks than before. And from the looks of it, the CRKT Pilar Large D2 has the potential to outdo itself this year.

With this edition of the Pilar Large, the biggest departure from the original design is its black blade and blacked-out handle. The new knife has grippy G10 scaling on one side of the handle instead of smooth stainless steel. This makes the knife easier to hold when you're doing rougher work overall, and it works especially well when things get slippery. Interestingly enough, the G10 also makes this larger Pilar weigh less than the original, at 3.8 ounces instead of 4.2. For less weight, you get a slightly larger grip on the blade, a win-win situation if there ever was one. And in keeping with the more tactical black theme, the reverse side of the handle features black-oxide tinted stainless steel, and the same reliable frame lock featured on the earlier edition of the Pilar.

If the handle gives you more confidence in this edition of the knife, the upgraded D2 steel in the Pilar Large should do so even more. For one, it's a harder steel at 60-61 HRC, capable of handling more heavy-duty tasks before needing to be resharpened compared to the original Pilar blade. The blacked-out blade is also approximately 0.2 inches longer in length, bringing it up to 2.669” and giving you a slightly longer cutting edge than before. It also retains the utility-minded cleaver-style shape of the original, making it well-suited for everyday cutting and slicing tasks. A new addition of a flipper tab makes for quick, one handed operation but it still retains its large thumbhole as another deployment option.

If you missed out on the Pilar last year, or you sat on it because of its stainless handle and its cheaper steel, the new design might be for you. With the Pilar Large D2, CRKT has taken a crowd-favorite knife and made it even better, with premium materials and a fresh look about it. Make it a part of your EDC today at the link below.

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CRKT Provoke Knife

"CRKT worked with Caswell Knives to create the Provoke, a modern take on the karambit knife. The Provoke’s kinematic opening mechanism pops the blade open when you press on its upper crossbar while your fingers are wrapped around..." (via TheAwesomer)

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CRKT ExiTool

"This compact tool clips onto you car’s seatbelt, and provides a belt cutter, glass breaker, and LED flashlight in one, helping you escape quickly in the event you’re ever in a collision. Attach one to each one of your seatbelts for..." (via TheAwesomer)

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CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool

"CRKT’s Knife Maintenance Tool gets its name from its ceramic honing edge and tungsten carbide sharpener, so you can sharpen your pocket knives on the go. It also has folding T8 and T6 Torx heads, a flathead screwdriver and..." (via TheAwesomer)

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CRKT Swindle

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CRKT Tactical Pen

3 have this · 29 people have this

High tech writing instrument
Made from precision machined aluminum and hard coat color anodizing
Non-reflective tactical black finish
Tapered body improves grip...

CRKT 2385 Folts Minimalist Razor Edge Knife

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Spear Blade Point5Cr15MoV SteelFull tang 2-inch Wharncliffe bladeCustom-fitted Zytel sheath...


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Blade Finish Black Ti-Nitride
Blade Style Tanto
Blade Edge Combination Edge
Blade Length 3.75 inches...

CRKT Heiho 2900

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Outburst folder
Lawks locking system
AUS 8 stainless steel
Razor edge
Satin blade...

CRKT 2055 K.E.R.T Key Ring Emergency Tool Strap Cutter

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Key ring included
Rubber cap over cutting hook
Razor sharp seatbelt cutter
.8oz; 2.48-Inch...


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420J2 stainless steelTanto serrated bladeMoney clip knifeIntegral Frame lock...

CRKT Fossil

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IKBS ball bearing system
Opening flipper for silky smooth blade deployment
Handle is hammered stainless steel with duo-tone G10 scales
Blade is 8Cr13MoV stainless...

CRKT Lil Guppie Multi Tool

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Adjustable wrench, knife, flat and Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener and carabiner.


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AutoLAWK patented automatic knife safety which actuates automatically
3" 8CR15MoV Stainless Steel
Zytel black handle
Spear point grey blade
Removable stainless...


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AutoLAWK patented automatic knife safety which actuates automatically
3-Inch AUS 4 Stainless Steel
Zytel black handle
Spear point black blade


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ombo edge AUS 8 stainless steel blade Tanto blade Auto Lawks Dual flippers

CRKT Eat N' Tool XL

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CRKT M16-10Z EDC 3-inch Folding Knife

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AutoLAWK patented automatic knife safety which actuates automatically
3-inch AUS high-carbon stainless steel with bead-blast finish
Sturdy Zytel black handle, dual...


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Veff serration
Auto lawks
3-Inch dessert tan blade
Tanto blade
Dual flippers...