Mininal Mission Ready

Jerktail, MO
I like to be prepared for whatever comes, know when it's coming and be ready to share the good times and the bad. This is my bare-minimum kit to take on all comers. If all else fails, there's the magic soap.

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Highly useful Nikola, TY. How are you carrying the IMI Uzi Pistol, do you have a holster or do you wear it tucked into the waistband of your pants AKA "gangsta" style?
I handle my weapon the same way I handle urmom: RAW
You have invested in only the most well rounded quality equiptment... couldn't be more prepared. I'd recommend a gold brick or two just incase your currency is not relevant to your geographical location.

Food for thought.
I really like this carry. It has everything i could imagine needing in my daily activies except for a prostate massager.
This is a joke right?
That 5.25 floppy is actually quite secure. Very few people will have the equipment to read it as compared to a USB flash drive any old person can plug in to whatever they like.
Am soo disappointed this was not a featured post ! Best one yet, who the heck needs a to see a fisher space pen or a min ti pry bar again anyway.. Rock on with your bad self..