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I don't like anything too bulky, I can fit the Cahier and my phone in one pocket, and with the refill holder I always have pen to go with it. Spinning top is a great distraction when brainstorming, and it clips into a 1/4" bit holder so I don't lose it.

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i have the exact same wallet. Its the best u can get
where did you get the wave thumbstud?
should have read comment below my bad...you gonna make anymore?
What's that wave thumb stud all about?
I wanted the wave feature (http://emersonknives.com/ek_faq/wave/) but really like the 940 so I machined a little piece to replace one half of the thumbstud.
That's a brilliant idea and you should Kickstart it immediately.
Yea, that's a cool idea. I thought that with all of this knife customization and whatnot that it would be a standard thing you could find on eBay, like the deep carry clips. It would be a nice thing to add to knives that are a little tougher to open with just that thumb stud. I'm with James - I'd back that immediately.
I spoke with a friend of mine and we will make some available either through kickstarter or directly on ebay. I'll make a post when they're available, we're looking at material choices mine was just 1024 plain steel, but we're thinking stainless and titanium could be cool options.