Review of the Leatherman Style PS

South Pittsburgh
When I was looking for a pocket multi-tool, I decided to go with the Leatherman Style PS.

The first reason was the size. It is compact, about the size of a Bic lighter. I try to be a minimalist. Though when unfolded, it is big enough to work in a man's hand.

The second reason was the craftsmanship. I have opened and closed this multi-tool, at least, two hours a day for a month and it has not stretched out. It's still as crisp as the day I bought it.
***One con, the rod that acts as a spring for the scissors broke off and I returned it. The scissors still worked. It was a minor inconvenience that I could have lived with.***

The third reason was function. I didn't want more than pliers. It has a pair of scissors, which is a bonus. The nail file/flathead has come in handy a time or two. Oh, I almost forgot about the clip! Great little bottle opener.

I like the skeleton design of this multi-tool. It cuts down on weight, which isn't much, but every little bit counts. I strongly dislike walking around with full and heavy pockets. It looks cool too.

I bought this item at REI on sale.

This is my two cents. I hope it helps.

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Good review! I need to switch out my Squirt PS4 for one of these. I basically only use the pliers, scissors, small screwdriver, and rarely the bottle opener. I would really like to have some tweezers in the roundup, though.

Thanks for sharing!
I have one too, also just for the pliers. But i combine mine with an Victorinox Minichamp on my keyring.

Leatherman has the best pliers and bottle opener, but Victorinox has the best scissirs and blade.
I have carried many Swiss Army knives. I started with the Classic, was gifted an Ambassador, then carried a Signature. They were all good knives.