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Which earphones are these?
Nice selection of EDC you have there. Have you de-assist the ZT0566CF? The Rangeman is on my wish list.
Yup. De-assist. Easier to close and much safer when opening it. Rangeman is nice. Truly.
De-assisted 566 is also quieter. Mine came rattling when it was closed or open. Not sure if it was a fit and finish problem. Could've just been a design flaw. After that though its an amazing knife.
I have no luck in de-assist mine. Can't get the blade centred without gazing the G10 side. It's already favouring G10 with the speedsafe.
You have to unscrew both side first. Then follow hinderers centering tips
The Spring bar was broken in two just few days ago. Had been forced to de-assist it. Add Kevlar tape over the pivot thread as the knife was getting loose after some flipping. But then viola! Now I manage to get the blade centre nicely without blade play or pivot getting loose.