Is that a Tourniquet???

ICU Nurse (age 28)
If you have the ability to inflict trauma, you should also be able to treat it. I always have a blow out kit in my truck, but this TK4 tourniquet gives an on body option.

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Why outside of LE are you carrying 3 mags? I see this slot. The national average is 3-3 in 3 ( 3 shots at 3 yard in 3 seconds). Just trying to understand the logic. In Iraq I carried 4 mags in a combat zone, as a LEO I carried 3 mags.
The main reason to carry an extra mag is for malfunction purposes. The stats I've read states that if your gun carries 7 rounds, you shouldn't need a reload. With all that being said, I could carry just one extra mag according to statistics. I carry two backup 8 rounders because my comfort zone is a Glock 19 with a backup Glock 17 mag. So I'm used to carrying 33 rounds. 24 is as close as I could get to that number comfortably. Wearing this Bravo Concealment double mag pouch is just as comfortable as wearing a single mag pouch for me. I don't even know it's there. It's just a matter of personal choice and comfortability. I think anyone that carries a single backup mag is pretty squared away. Thank you for your service, brother. It's because of folks like you that I can carry however many mags I choose on any given day. Can't thank you enough.
Lots of folk go for two spares if they have a low-capacity sidearm and are using a belt carrier anyway. It was the standard load back when soldiers carried 1911s, IIRC.
Yeah but we're not in WWII. I normally carry a Sig 938 w/one spare mag. And that's in hotspots and hellholes allover the globe with .y job. The heaviest I'll go is my 1911 w/3 spares, and that's in places where IED and ambushes are happening daily not hometown America. I only carry my 938 6+1 Stateside. I get it, personal choice but never has a modern civilian in the U.S. needed 2 mags in a shooting. So why bother with the extra weight, expense and training to carry 1 to 2 items you'll never need at home. 3-3 at 3 are the national averages for firearms engagements here in the States. I was just wondering, that's all.
I'll give you the two examples that really made me cringe when I thought about carrying my single stack. 10 minutes from my house at a Subway that I frequent, 2 armed men forced one of the workers into the back just before closing. They stabbed her 37 times and shot her in the head. Miraculously she lived. The second was a theater shooting in my home state. I'm of the mindset that my side arm is to get my family to safety, not for saving the world. But in a place with limited exits, I wouldn't necessarily be inside of 3 feet and wouldn't be able to run either. Those two local examples are a big part of why I carry 24 rounds. But like I said, I think a single stack with 1 extra mag, mainly for malfunctions sake, is solid. This setup is still lighter and easier to carry than my G19 setup. But your point of view is interesting, because I've always heard that anyone that's been in a gun fight never said they wished they hadn't carried so many rounds. I guess that's not necessarily true.
Again, a lot of it can also hinge on the carry system. If you're lugging it in your pocket, just the one extra mag is a pain, but if you're already using a belt carry system, a two-mag carrier is really no different from a single in price or wearability. At that point, why not just have the extra ammo? Lots of shoulder holsters also come with two spare mag slots on the off-side, because it helps to balance the weight. The same is true to a lesser degree on belts. I personally only pack one spare, and often not even that, but I can definitely see why people carry two.
I refuse to question anyone's decision on how many mags they carry because, as the old song says "Different strokes for different folks." If that's how many he wants to carry, who am I to say differently?
Cool your jets Mike. I as just attempting to uncover the logic. Kyle answered my question and we moved on. Ha e a great day. \m/
Are you actually carrying the Shield in a Glock holster? Or is that just a typo?
No, that was the only one I found to tag it in.
Roger that