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I like the key holder idea. I tried the key-bar idea before but didn't like the clump of metal loose in my pocket. Something like that might make me start carrying keys again.
What is that knot on your SAK's lanyard? A turks head? I have been using leather strips as lanyards on all my gear lately also and i'm searching for ways to improve the appearance. I just can't currently justify spending $30-50 on each single machined brass bead.
Hi Chris it's a diamond knot.Leather lanyards are nice stuff.
Yeah I really like that look, I am doing mostly brass and leather these days but every now and then ill throw some black and stainless in there to mix it up. But the leather lanyards are useful in making my leatherman wave look good with a primarily brass and leather day's carry.
I do seriously wish my Case sodbuster jr. had a lanyard hole in place of the third rivet though cause it would look great with one. Maybe ill get a GEC bullnose eventually.
Case it's a classy old school blade.I think it's nice also without lanyard.