EDC 2.0

Redlands, CA
It's been a while, but I finally got around to snapping a pic of my new EDC. I was never a fan of the knife/multitool combination, but after carrying them, I don't think I can go back. The simple duo really does everything I need from breaking down boxes, instrument maintenance, and even cutting up my lunch. Working in a hospital, all time is documented in military time, and it's incredibly handy to have a watch with 24-hour markings. Also, I just think the Hamilton is a great looking timepiece. The leather pieces in my kit (watch strap and keychain) were handmade by myself, using scrap leather from the local leather shop. For about $2, I made a full-grain leather strap that is way more durable that the leather straps I was buying online. The flashlight is the super tiny CooYoo Quantum. Working inside, I don't need the sun in my pocket, just enough to look inside the instruments and under my desk. As a bonus, it's rechargeable via a built-in micro-USB port. The pen and wallet are slick aluminum pieces from Machine Era Co. Finally, the carbineer is admittedly a bit of pocket frosting, but I couldn't help myself, it looks too damn cool.

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Digging the strap on the Hamilton 👍🏼 - Great combo there.
Really nice strap on that Hamilton! I've got the same but with a yellow dial. It's a fine and sturdy wristwatch!
You've got excellent taste, my friend! And it's really amazing how far some leather scrap can get you haha
Love this simple yet robust setup. That light looks awesome!
Dude, the light is amazing. So small and convenient!
Nice setup and carry.
Very nice dump
Thanks man!
No lie man i might have to do one similar to yours. How do you have them set up in your pockets?
Left pocket: flashlight and wallet
Right pocket: pen, phone, and knife (L to R)
Right back pocket: Cadet
The oddball for a while was my pen. I tried keeping it in the back pocket for a while, but as soon as it went horizontal, it got uncomfortable. Keeping it next to my phone keeps everything nice and vertical. Hope that helps!