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Pembroke Pines, Florida
Keeping it light for the South Florida heat. Not easy to cover up lots of gear in shorts and t-shirts when it's 93 degrees 8 months out of the year.

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First time seeing an agency arms Glock. Extremely nice!
Agency Arms finally found out how to make a Glock look good.
My take...
Murphy's law!

Why create more friction and aggressive textures for clothing and FOB (foreign objects) to bind the pistol down during draw and firing while EDCing.

If it ain't broke don't fix it. Why add parts that aren't really needed on an EDC weapon? Glock makes an extremely capable and reliable firearm. Marketing Glock snake oil will separate you from your money when you could have just saved it.

As a dedicated tactical or range gun I understand how some of them could could be helpful. But to EDC leaves me guessing.
Not being a D-Bag or trying to start a troll session. I just ask questions to understand the logic. It's how we learn. Any who...Firstly RMR on a EDC pistol. Secondly a heavily stippled skeletonized EDC pistol. Thirdly aftermarket base plate. Trying to understand the logic behind such a pistol intended for EDC. Please took no offense.
1. Red dots are really useful for people with fading eyesight. I've a senior citizen friend who depends on his because it takes him so long to acquire irons.

2. Stippling just provides better grip, but the cutouts are more for style. Agency Arms has a distinctive look they apply to their customized Glocks.

3. Base plate upgrades can make drop-free functionality a bit more reliable or give extra capacity. That one in particular wouldn't add much bulk.
Cool deal. Thanks for the feedback!
Sure thing! It also occurred to me that people like me, who focus on the target and use peripheral vision for the sights, could benefit more from a red dot than those who shoot more traditionally rifle-style by focusing on the front sight.
Also for the technical stuff; I have my iron sights co-witnessed and train regularly in RMR failure drills, the stippling may look very aggressive, but it is one of the most surest yet smoothest stippling work I have ever felt, and finally that magazine is the default baseplate for the MAGPUL G15 magazines, and yes they are not really EDC friendly. I went to Vickers plates instead and they are much lower profile and allow for easier manipulation if I have a stuck magazine.
No Offense taken J.S.
I won't go into a long explanation but I can tell you that after many, many years of both carrying for personal protection, and having to carry for operational purposes, this weapons system was what feels comfortable for me, provides most repeatable first shot effectiveness from concealment. I am en engineer by trade now, so a lot of of my evidence is experiential and tested. I have timed myself in many situations both in dry fire practice, multiple cases, Shoot scenarios, etc. Again its like any holster, knife, even the weapon itself are all what feels good to the individual.