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A lot of my work is done in darkness or in dim lighting conditions.
The stamp is modded with glow in the dark dots to distinguish front and back.
The L.I. Kneeboard Light acts as a backup light and is used for reading patient status in the dark. The ID holder is velcro backed and separates from the card holder.
Wristwatches are a big no-no in a hospital, so a pocketwatch is a wonderfull alternative.
Fountainpens smear patient status' because the ink does not get chance to dry, a rollerball is a good alternative. MB's cartridges write really smooth.
The Corsair Stealth runs PortableApps, making any PC my PC.

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Why no wristwatches in a hospital?
Wristwatches are a infection hazard. They are like a petridish for disease.
So as a hygiene rule no wristwatches are allowed. Nor are other bracelets, hanging/long jewelery, long hair, long nails or arteficial ones.
There are examples of hospitals whisch had to close because of epedemics caused by poor hygiene, even though washing hads was up to par. I recall a baby ward which was closed after several deaths. The source of the infection was a bracelet.