My First Ever Fountain Pen

Clerk (age 27)
Shah Alam, Malaysia
Thinking of trying out a fountain pen. What's better than a special edition dark lilac Lamy Safari to paired up with my limited edition 2016 Victorinox Alox Cadet. Purple power!

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Being a long time user of Lamy Safari (AL-Star etc.) fountain pens, I'd recommend you to try out a fine (F) nib. Lamy pens (actually almost all European brands) have nibs wider than usual. Although if you write your letters big, you'll probably do fine with the medium nib.
i am planning to change the nib to fine or extra fine very soon. the medium nib is a tad too wide for me it. in the meantime i need to practice writing more. thank you for the recommendation.
Seems like a medium (M) nib on your pen, not an extra fine (EF). I like the medium nib from Lamy a lot and the pen is really convenient.
yes it is indeed a medium nib. i didn't noticed it when im tagging the item.