My EDC Gear——OneTigris ID Card Holder

Tactical (age 23)
OneTigris ID Card Holder allows you to bum around in your typical shorts and t-shirt without trying to stuff a bunch of EDC crap into the pockets or carry a fanny pack or other purse. A nice choice for having your valuables around neck and tucked into your shirt or jacket when go hiking, camping, or possibly traveling around the country or world. Anyone who hikes knows that when you take large steps going up hill or climbing onto a rock anything large in your pockets presses hard against your legs and restricts movement. With this neck lanyard you eliminate that problem. If you tuck your shirt in as well, even if the lanyard breaks your belongings will just fall into your shirt. LASTLY, the Velcro strip holds all your cards in the holster so they cannot fall out or get snagged and pulled out.

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+1 for the OneTigris Badge holder. That thing is really great, holds your cards and a pen. Great piece of gear
yeah,I like fruits, such as BlackBerry
Wow......awesome kits.