My on and off duty EDC

Firefighter (age 29)
Hamden, Connecticut

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So my carry is nearly identical. I went with the delux tinker to have access to at least some small pliers but that pioneer x might be calling my name. On pocket dumps that are close to mine, I like seeing the other options I havent seen or considered that people have paired with the same basic tools and have found I usually like those tools too. So I already mentioned the delux tinker but You might also like the benchmade 550hg. I consider it really close in function to the manix 2 with just a little simpler vibe. Just a thought.
Thanks for the comment! For me the scissors are a must in my victorinox. The deluxe tinker is interesting. Are the pliers very functional? They look so small.
Ya i thought about that too. I use to carry the leatherman juice s2 and found that I used the scissors and the knife far more than the pliers and I like those two tools on the SAK a lot more. I also am usually around tools and so if I need pliers I just go grab some, but I like having at least the small set if something comes up. In a pinch they could probably hold something up to 1/2" maybe 5/8 but your right they won't be doing any big jobs. Not a primary tool for sure. They do excel at being small pliers though. They are really precise and can even act like tweezers for splinters and stuff like that. So if i need a small set of pliers like fixing my wife's jewelry or something like that I don't go to my tools, the SAK ones work the best.