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Atlanta, GA
This is my latest go-to EDC setup. Really excited about the new knife and pen to add some custom pieces to it.

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Great use of the leatherman tool.
Dat knife is absolutely stunning!
Thanks! Been trying to get one of his knives for a long time. He does amazing work. http://workerman.storenvy.com
Are you sure those Ray Bans are the Erika? Because they look more like Round Liteforce.
I think they are Erika's. I kind of stole them from my wife, they're so comfortable I can't give them back...
Haha that happens so often.
How do you like your pixel? Did you get it recently?
I've had it about three weeks. It's been great, by far the best Android phone I've had. It's a huge upgrade from the Nexus 5X...and I got the daydream for free which is pretty fun to play around with.