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This carry covers my daily needs and the needs of others that might need a pen to write with or knife to open a package.

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Opinel is good knife and I like it, but I probably wouldn't carry it as main knife, as additional yes.
I never carry my opined. It simply doesn't have the utility that a SAK has. I therefore carry a SAK every day.
Definitely agree, SAK has better lock and materials and a lot of different models, but as food knife it's not that bad, but still I will use MAM medium drop as food knife. It's got much better lock then Opinel.
Thanks Bruce! Love Etsy but wasn't aware that EBay would have something like this. Happy Festivus!
Love the Key Shackle, does anybofy know where I can get one like this one?? Thanks!!
Like the pen sheath. Where did you get it?
Try looking on a sight called Etsy, they have a lot of handmade leather goods on their sight. You can download their app. Also, check eBay, just search writing instruments. I've seen them on there for both one and two pens around $20. Hope this helps.