Casual Carry - Ready for 2017


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Sure thing! Yeah it’s too bad. I was born and raised near Lake Tahoe, CA. I grew up with a gun in my hand as early as 6-7 years old. Mostely rifles growing up, for hunting. The stupid things they’ve added on the CA. Acceptable small Sig is ugly and stupid. So bummed, I really wanted one. I never wanted a Glock, though everyone has such high praise. Oh well.. Baby G it is! California is an amazing state though. Mountains, Desert, Ocean and more. I grew up in the Sierra mountains. I do live in the city now for the first time. Cheers
Nice little Sig! I wanted one, but CA. Laws keeps me from getting the style I want. The Cali version sucks. I do have the larger SP 2022 9mm at least, and I purchased a Baby Glock, since I couldn't approve the Cali version of the little Sig. Not as small though... But I guess a Glock is better than nothing, right?
Thanks much Kirk!

The little Glock is nothing to sneeze at. I love my G20. My brother lives in northern Cali - he's looking for his first home defense firearm for him and his new wife. From what he tells me about the laws, I won't be moving out there anytime soon. Glad you found a workable option.