Leatherman Skeletool Saw Mod

Waynesboro, PA
I Adapted/modified the Replaceable Saw and File from the Leatherman Surge to work in place of the replaceable bit holder on My Skeletool. This is now the Perfect Lightweight EDC multitool option for me.

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Awesome! How'd you make the saw fit? Is it thick enough to just grind it in shape?
Great idea! I really like the saw/file holder, but the Surge is way too big for EDC purposes - in my opinion. You came up with a solution. Thanks!
Exactly! The Skeletool makes a great companion to the Super tool 300 that I keep in my bag , which is too bulky to carry everyday.
You are a genius ...really creative simplicity and very usable
Tell Leatherman to make things like this..
multitools that compactable for almost all models