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Tucson, Arizona
I do not drive cars; I only ride motorcycles. Therefore, my "EDC" kit must necessarily include gear specific to my normal method of transportation. I have had the same basic system for nearly 25 years, albeit things like cellphones and hand sanitizer were absent decades ago. Occasionally, items come and go (e.g., broken pocket mirrors, I don't smoke cigarettes regularly anymore, PD rigs & speedloaders & mags change with the times, although the Gerber E-Z Out has stood tall for decades...). For a few years I was relegated to the public bus system, so I carried a serious backpack with a whole hella lotta more stuff in it... camping & survival gear. Now I just pack a Go Bag at home. I live in a state that has a fair amount of Constitutionally-protected freedom-- as opposed to say, California, where the US Constitution is heeded arbitrarily, with the whimsy of myopic cowardly nannies ruling any given day with disdain & mistrust for our fellow citizens-- and thus I truly hope my "EDC" reflects the responsibility of one who values his freedom and respects the nature of rationality & reality. * The essential Everyday item missing here is my Kevlar Sliders pants (motorcycle pants designed to look like casual wear). I discuss it in the section about my cycle jacket. *

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Two things drive me nuts here:1) What is the point of my providing a detailed comment for each piece of gear, if it can't be accessed unless (or even if ?) there is a commerce link? And then, why does the feed page rearrange/reprioritze the order of my items? The Shoei helmet is #1, not $.99 cent hand sanitizer. Me thinks this is just lifestyle crowd-advertising.....(Edit: Strangely, the items were re-shuffled back into their original order again... while I was on the site viewing others' EDC displays, I returned and -poof!- the list and tags were back as I labeled them. So, what happened to the comments I entered for each piece of gear... that question remains. And I would love to read others' descriptions of what/how/why/where each piece is carried and utilized....)