BPSA-ON Assistant Scoutmaster EDC

Ontario, Canada
My EDC for meetings or day hikes when volunteering with the 9th Welland Explorer Scouts of the Baden-Powell Service Association of Ontario.

Traditional Scouting for Everyone!

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The Baden-Powell Service Association of Ontario is an independent scouting association affiliated with many other Baden-Powell Scout Associations around the world, with other BPSA groups in Canada and with the World Federation of Independent Scouts (WFIS).

We were established to promote the principles, methods and practices of Scouting as originally laid down by Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of scouting.

So, how is this different than Boy Scouts? Just curious.
The various provincial branches of the BPSA in Canada are focused on providing the traditional, old-fashioned scouting experience for youth (we are co-educational); our program is based on Sir Robert Baden-Powell's original Scout program, as opposed to the watered-down, liability-obsessed, "modernized" program currently offered by Scouts Canada. Simply put, our Explorers carry knives, make fires, camp out in the rough and don't earn badges for playing video games.

BPSA-ON is also very deliberate about keeping costs down so that youth from all economic backgrounds can participate.

The BPSA in the US has very similar goals but strongly emphasizes their inclusive nature in recruitment literature; the homophobic policies of Boy Scouts America have caused many to seek an alternative.
Thanks. I appreciate the info. Yes, BSA, being largely religiously controlled in the USA, does have issues. When Scouts stopped carrying pocket knives or knowing how to build a fire, camp out in the rough, that's sad!

I recall my family not being able to afford uniforms for me to be a scout, or to be able to afford to send me on camp outs. My money I made was needed for things like heat in our home, so keeping costs down is something close to my heart, and earning badges for video games??? Wow, times have changed.