Daily Carry/ Pocket dump

This is my EDC on body carry, what I always have on me. First post on here..I know as soon as I post this I will remember something else. ;-)
In the comments on each piece I have an explanation of why I have certain things

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You may remember what the extra holster is for, or why you have two lighters
I didn't forget the holster lol, I have in the comments on the pocket holster is for deeper concealment when IWB carry is more difficult to hide. And the Zippo works better in cold than Bic but a Bic lighter holds fluid better than the Zippo. Main reason for the Zippo is it is a lucky charm if you will. It was given to me engraved for a gift and I've been carrying the Zippo for almost 10 yrs daily. As you can see it's well worn. Also Bic lighter in cold weather don't want to light I usually carry in side my jacket to keep the butane lightable.
As for fire sources I'm a filthy smoker :-(