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that's a KILLER .25, man!! ollllld school!

ya need more knives
and probably suspenders.

lotta cool stuff +1
HAHA, not yet, but getting close. :)

I could carry 2 or 3 more.

But as far is the 4 different leeks(27) in the picture, I only carry a different one every day, not all four at once. They are used for food only.
I love it. Nice and small. Fits in your back pocket like it's not even there.
Billy, what purpose could you possibly have for THREE Leeks in addition to that Mantis knife and a box cutter? Excess for the sake of excess?
HAHA, cause i'm a ninja.

But really, Of the 4 Leeks in the picture, I only carry one at a time. I work 4 days a week so I pick a different one everyday and a random one on the weekends.
Leek(27) is for food.
1910(29) is for utility.
Box cutter(30) is for just that.
The Carabiner knife(19) is just there, but rarely used, I just use it to keep my key chain together and it happened to come with a built in knife.
Keychain Swiss Army(17) is carried for the toothpick and tweezers.

And I really like knives.
Don't we all! Looking to get a Leek in the future. Alot of these EDCs I'm seeing though have also set me on the Cryo II