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Medical sales (age 44)
Fair Oaks, CA
It's a crazy world out there. I believe in my right to protect myself & my family. I've been told, always carry a knife for cutting things (Explorer) & a knife for defense (Stryker.) The Glock 19 is about the perfect handgun, in my opinion, and the Vanguard is the most comfortable holster I've yet to try for it. Out of all these items, keys & wallet excepted, the things I probably use the most are the flashlight & the Explorer. Lights & knives are always handy. Those get used every day, multiple times. God willing, I'll never be forced to use the Glock, or the Stryker. Everything here falls under my definition of, I'd rather have it & not need it, than need it & not have it. Keep calm & EDC on!

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