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The most underrated item in this system is the OC spray pen. Many carry lethal means of self-protection without considering non-lethal means which can save you a lot of legal trouble while still ending a non-lethal attack. I switch between the MVMT and the Garmin depending on the outfit.

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This is a fine setup. How is the .45?
Love it, only thing not to like is the low capacity but the single stack makes it very concealable. Recoil is totally manageable and I wouldn't say I'm an experienced shooter, nor do I have big hands. Way smoother than the Springfield subcompact 45 models. You can get one for relatively cheap too.
Thanks for the advice
How is the MVMT and what are your thoughts on the quality of their watches?
I like it, i've had it for over a year and a half now. I will say, I didn't pay full price for it. But I'm happy with the quality and very happy with the clean design. They are a bit bigger than they look online so I wouldn't recommend it for people with small wrists.