Japanese Simple and Cheap EDC

These were made by Japanese companies.
These are easily obtained in Japan.

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We actually went there way back 2013, I wasn't into EDCing then but I did have a SAK Spartan and scissors in my luggage in the hotel room.
Will be going to Osaka at the end of the month to attend a 3 day convention + 2 days R&R. I usually carry my mini SAK (Rambler) , Doohickey, Swisstech 6 in 1 microtool and Utilikey on me when I travel. Can I carry these in Japan?

I also have a mid size SAK and Victorinox multi tool card clone which i keep in my luggage.
I think that it is better not to carry Victorinox multitool in Japan.Even Victorinox Classic, Japanese police officers regard it as "dangerous goods".Or it will be forfeited at the airport.Swisstech is also the same.Doohickey is certainly okay.

If you do not want to lose important tools, you better not bring anything except Doohickey.

Actually, in Japan, there are not many situations using knives and multi tools.

If you really want to carry it, please beware enough.
How do you carry your Higo no kami? AFAIK Japan has a strict Knife and Sword Law that basically says you can't carry a knife everyday.
In Japan,you can carry a knife if there is a legitimate reason.So I carry the Higo only when I need it and I pay close attention when carrying it.