EDC 2017

Radiographer (age 28)
My carry this year has been, for lack of a better term, boring. As much as I enjoy carrying different items and getting new gear there is something oddly satisfying in being completely comfortable with a setup. I can carry this all very comfortably whether I'm in scrubs or jeans and I feel like all of my bases are covered. The watch and the wallet were two early purchases this year and I couldn't be happier. The Hitch and Timber wallet is perfect and allows me to easily carry my Cadet and the always reliable Fisher Space Pen. The Orient watch makes me never want to buy a watch again, the dive watch is a timeless design and pairs perfectly with any strap from steel bracelet to leather to nylon. The Maratac is great and weighs nothing I use it the most throughout the day. The PM2 can do anything with the strong lock, full flat grind and surgical tip there hasn't been a task I've come across it couldn't handle. Finally the hand spinner I grabbed from Etsy and has been an enjoyable addition to my carry, it's lightweight, is perfect for occupying downtime and is oddly relaxing.

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Nice minimal setup, really like the wallet and gonna get me a para 2 one of these days.