EDC pocket dump April 2017


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How do you like your spinner? How is the weight? I've been eyeing that same one for awhile
First table spin is 8 min 16 s, and being a China-made R188 stainless steel bearing, the spinning time gradually decreases in time, now clock between 4 to 6 minutes, and I've cleaned my bearings with thinner. The spinner is around 120 g, based on its product page in Taobao. Bear in mind, this Rotablade knockoff is only available in Taobao as for now, and my variant is priced CNY 188 (MYR 120.70 exclude shipping fee).

Here is the link: https://world.taobao.com/item/546263495253.html
That's still a really good spin time, thanks so much for the info! I guess I've seen a similar looking design in that case :o)
You might saw a similar design elsewhere, because it's a Rotablade knockoff, I can't afford and justify myself to afford such premium price, so I turned to Taobao 😂