Adventure Kit

Maker (age 34)
Coeur d Alene, Idaho
Loving this Adventure Log from Word Notebooks. Log each hike and adventure and include memory notes on the conditions or anything else interesting from the expedition. It's protected with class, in a Horween Dublin leather Northwestward Field Notes cover. The rest of the kit is just good adventure EDC such as flashlights, lighters, knives, whistles, pen and compass.

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Great EDC setup! I'm working toward something like this. I really need to get that Buck. Wood, leather, and brass just look sooo good together!
Thanks Jason. Stick to the classic materials, and you can never go wrong with a good aesthetic.
I KNEW you'd get featured, this is such a nostalgic and fantastic EDC!
Awesome as always, Chad!
I appreciate the good words, Kevin.
Keep coming back to this post. Great photography. Lightning, backdrop and layout. Good stuff my Bearded Brother, Good Stuff.