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A few of the lights in my rotation. For those who aren't familiar with Krill lights, they are insanely awesome low output lights that are similar to Chemlights except Krills work on 2 AA batteries. These little lights will run 120 hrs on 2 AA batteries and is rated for 3000 hrs of life. I never leave home including travel foreign or domestic without a Krill. Check them out, http://www.kriana.com/aa-krill-lights.
The 24/7 is another great multifunction light with 7 functions: low and high White light, Strobe white, SOS white, Red-White-Amber Strobe, Red-Amber Alternating Slow and Red. If you turn the bezel in-between functions you get a near infra-red blink every 5 seconds. My goto easy to use pack and carry sun is the Surefire Maximus. Rechargeable and included international adaptors and 12v car charger. You just twist the knob on the side from 0-500 lumens with a smooth no click turn. It has a LED indicator on the bottom that stays green when charged and turns to a reddish amber as it drains. For headlamps it is heavy, but you get a Surefire indestructibleness, dialable 0-500 lumens, rechargeable home or car and it pivots up and down. Hands down the best head lamp I've ever used and charge indicator.

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