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Irvine, CA
As a solution consultant, all my work is done on the phone, macbook, or notebook. I travel quite a bit so I keep things light and easy.

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I've got a MaxMadCo Ti as well. How do you like the Glider in comparison?
I like the MaxMadCo but I've had a hard time finding a refill that's similar to what the Glider comes with, which is a Pilot G2. I like a very fine tip, gel refills and I went through 5 different ones. So writing comfort, the MaxMadCo wins. Ink preference, the Glider is my favorite.
I'm a sucker for the pilot G2 (.38). Originally had the MaxMadCo Alum. that I modified to fit a trimmed down one but after dropping the pen on concrete the tip got messed up.