4 Reasons You Need a Glass Breaker Pen

Defender (age 42)
There are a lot of reasons to carry a Glass Breaker Pen with you. For me personally, it's about self defense. The pointed "glassbreaker" on the end of the pen is basically a kuboton and will leave a nasty mark on anyone with the wrong intentions.

Let's check out 4 more reasons why you need a Tactical Glass Breaker Pen

1. Break glass if you need to rescue someone

If you're driving down the road and you see someone trapped in a flaming vehicle, you won't have a lot of options - and good luck kicking through a windshield with your Nike's. One good strike with a glass breaker will do the trick.

2. Save a pet on a hot day

Clueless people think they can run into the grocery store for a few minutes and their dog will be fine. The reality is; if you don't have your windows down or the AC running, the inside of a car can cook a pup in a matter of minutes.

3. Get to a toddler inside

Even worse are the parents who leave babies or toddlers in a baking vehicle. According to noheatstroke.org 5 babies have already died in 2017 from being left in hot cars. Busting out the windshield quickly could be what saves their little lives.

4. Get out of a vehicle if you're trapped

In a car accident, it's not uncommon for the doors to become jammed. If and when that happens you need a way out. A surgical strike with a glass breaker will shatter that window and allow you to escape.


A Tactical Glass Breaker Pen is small, light, and you can take it with you anywhere. Do you have a window breaker in your EDC kit?

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