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I'm a minimalist at heart, and while I carry many additional items in my EDC bag, these are the items I have on me regardless of where I am. As for many EDCers, it's been a process of trial and error. While my EDC is always evolving, this is what works for me right now...and I love it. I handmade the wallet. It's tiny, fits just the right amount of cards and is 100% leather. Which means it conforms to the shape of my leg. The newer EDC wallets are awesome, but a slim leather wallet is simply the most comfortable thing to have in your front pocket. The griffin pocket tool is my multi tool. I carry several tools in my EDC bag, but this covers all my needs when I'm without them, including opening boxes, tightening screws/bolts, prying, opening bottles, and more. But I mostly use it as a pocket clip for easy access to my keys while my pocket. I'm a huge fan of titanium, as you can probably tell from my setup, so I had to choose the titanium version. I sent it off to Ti Survival to have them match it to the rest of my titanium do-dads. The iPhone 7 Plus is my daily driver, and I use it as my EDC flashlight, as well as offline maps, survival guides, notes, and most of the other things people carry separate items around for. 10' of black 550 paracord hangs from a titanium keyring that holds my keys, with a titanium bead for some pizzazz. Both titanium items are hand made by Ti Survival. Paracord has a thousand uses. I typically only carry my car or motorcycle key, since all my other keys are digital. Last is my Kershaw Launch 3 knife. It's an automatic knife that has zero blade play, and is crazy durable. I use it on a daily basis. The titanium pocket clip was custom made by MXG Gear, and anodized by Ti Survival to match the theme.

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