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The Brown Buffalo laptop bag is amazing. It's made out of storm proof material and is extremely durable. My key chain has all the fidget stuff I need on it like my Around Square titan begleri, gamble made gas light, and my titanium Tukk. The wallet is custom made by Tannery South and it's made out of the best Horween leather around. The bead is a sterling silver Lion Armory Crusader bead

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It's a great watch! It's also huge. So it you have huge wrists then it would be great, otherwise it's amazing as a carabiner
Tell me about the watch? I am strongly considering a pocket watch rather than wrist. If I find a watch that by changing attachment can be both would be the best
How do you like the Benchmade, been looking at it but $300 is steep. Nice carry.
The knife shoots out of the handle like a rocket due to the ball bearing liners. It's razor sharp, and it feels good in the hand. There is one hot spot where the lock up is. But overall it's a great edc knife
Thanks bro! The EDC is always evolving