My son's carry (age 10)

Longshoreman (age 40)
Antwerp Belgium

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Seriously Cool.
My 7 year old son got his first SAK this summer, an SD from his granpa! Plus a Wenger knife. Too soon?
Too soon? Not at all Marcus, I guess my son got his first pocket knife
around that age too, now he carries it with him on every trip we make. It is up to us dads to learn our boys how to handle a knife properly and to tell their moms that this is a father son thing!
I have two sons. The oldest one's EDC is, a cheep mobilephone, finger spinner, tumbchock's, watch. No knife yet, but the youngst one is really in to knife's and multitool's.
You should see what my daughter lugs around in her purse/bag it puts the one Mary Poppins carries to shame! :)
That is a nice Boatswain's whistle! Where did he/you pick that up?
Thank you for the Like! We got the whistle when visiting the Dutch
Navy Academy at den Helder.
Where did you get the sweet Nokia???
New 3310 retro model! Came out about 2 months ago and is real nice! Just a phone with no extras.