Minimalistic EDC

Saint Louis, MO
These four items form the basis of my EDC. I would be lost without each component.

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I like how closely matched the knife handle is to your wallet. Is that intentional or just a coincidence?
Thanks Randy -- it is intentional, I'm glad you noticed! I was originally looking for a gabon ebony Mnandi until I found this variant and simply could not pass it up :)
What model # is that Rolex? I've never seen a Rolex with a clasp locking bar???
It's an Oyster Perpetual ref. 1002, caliber 1570. The bracelet is aftermarket, good eye :)
Here's the problem the calibre 1570 didn't have a DATE complication, neither does the 1002. Do a simple search and you will see. https://www.bobswatches.com/rolex-blog/vintage-rolex/vintage-week-rolex-oyster-perpetual-ref-1002.html
Good catch, I posted the incorrect ref. number. Don't be so quick to point fingers old sport. FYI, the caliber 1570 does indeed have a date complication. Might want to brush up yourself :) http://watchguy.co.uk/service-rolex-1601-calibre-1570/
Your ref is for a OP DATEJUST not a simple OP (1002). I'd love to see a close up of your OP. It's really got me intrigued.
I know I seem to be busting your balls here, but we have to keep it real. The Watch you have pictured is a Oyster Perpetual 15200 with a Silver Baton face. There should be a chapter ring with minute hashes on the outside of the hour markers, the cyclops should be slightly to the outside of the chapter ring, the cyclops should magnify 2.5X. Unfortunately the watch pictured in your post doesn't appear to match up. The counterfeit bracelet is what drew my attention and made me examine the watch closer. If I'm wrong just do a another post with a clear shot of the watch and your CRK Mnandi. If I see that I'm wrong I will gladly and openly apologize. We have to keep each other honest here on EDC. As a horologist I naturally look over watches.
Mr. Leonard, while I appreciate your dogmatic concern, you may rest assured this watch is authentic. I too am an amateur horologist and have bought and sold hundreds of watches many with values far greater than a vintage $3,000 Rolex. I considered posting closeup photos of the movement and face of the watch to prove authenticity before I reconsidered. At the risk of sounding rude, I have absolutely nothing to prove to a random intrusive stranger on the internet. I welcome constructive comments on my post, since you cannot oblige I'm afraid I see no point in continuing this discussion. Best of luck!