What I carried today

Personal keys omitted and picture taken with my Samsung Galaxy S8.

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what is the name of watch face you use? i like it!
Thanks. AOD (International). You may find the CZ version through search but if you browse the artist you can find the international version. The clock has to be 24hr. I use this because it mimics my s8's AOD.
If you don't mind me asking; why do you carry two wallets? (Nothing against representing Recycled Firefighter though)
One is a notebook. I linked the items I use for it, numbers 9-12.
Haha, my mistake =)
TBH, the band is pretty troublesome. I love the small notepad, but I hate not having the pen attached to it. RFF makes nice things, but I like having the pen attached on the side. Their RITR notepad covers, and Field Notes covers are not made in all black, so I cant get one, and, they never have them in stock.
Great EDC! A carbon fiber aluminum wallet is so great!