EDC for a working TV camera guy.

In addition to the considerable amount of camera gear that I have to haul around for an average gig, these are the items that always come with me on and off every job. Solid kit.

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What band is that you have on your Apple Watch?
How do you like the AirPods? I'm thinking of switching back to Beats by Dre because I use them a lot and don't like charging them in the middle of the day.
I like them. I primarily use them to listen to podcasts. The battery life could be better, as well as the fit, but all things considered, they work great.
It's great. I have carried a Skeletool for years until this new Suspension came out. Lightweight, great features, feels good in your hand. It's very nice. I have a Center Drive as well, but it's too much of a beast to EDC. This Suspension works well for me.
Yeah i carry a skeletool now too and love it. I have the original suspension and for the money it's a great tool. I really like the updates they made to the NXT. might have to pick one up and check it out.
You’ll dig it. It’s a little heavier than the Skeletool, but not by much, still carries well in your pocket. I like having scissors and using the pliers is much better than the Skeletool. It’s a solid tool.
are you liking that new version of the Gerber suspension? it seems like they made some good improvements over the original.