Hazard 4 Pillbox Thermocap Daypack


When you EDC expensive electronics and gear that needs to be kept safe, not just any bag will do. You need a bag that has enough padding and protection to prevent against damage from both within and without. And one of the best ways to do that is to carry your gear in a camera backpack. Take the Hazard 4 Pillbox, for example. It mixes the interior padding and protection of a camera bag with the aesthetics and durability that are the hallmarks of tactical everyday carry design. And you don't have to carry a camera to realize the benefits of using the bag, because its organizational storage space works with your kit, whatever it may be.

The most striking feature of the Pillbox is its molded-foam shell exterior and 1000D Cordura nylon construction. This provides more structure and protection than your standard cloth backpack, and helps you maximize its storage space when it comes time to pack.  It has a spacious 29.5 liter capacity, and its main compartment comes with padded dividers for cameras or small electronics. A secondary compartment features admin organizational space for pens and other loose items, and there's a padded sleeve that can accommodate a full-sized production laptop as well. A small amount of interior MOLLE webbing lets you attach the pockets and pouches of your choice. And if you carry concealed, a hidden hook-and-loop lined compartment behind the rear padding lets you carry discreetly. That space can easily be used to carry a hydration bladder as well, if you prefer.

The sturdy build of the Hazard 4 Pillbox makes it perfect for carrying your EDC and valuables, especially if it includes cameras and lenses. But its versatility also makes it a good daily driver bag. This ultra-configurable bag is available in both tactical black and coyote tan colorways. Check it out at the link below.

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Man that thing is You-Gee-EL-Why - Ugly.

I can't help but like it though. Something so simple about it. Would look great without that hazard 4 logo and a big X on it with holes in the supposed to be protective hard shell. On the website it calls them "hardpoint slots" and looks like they can be plugged by bright orange rubber awkwardness.

Not even close to being worth $200... Maybe $40. Neat design, but a clear example of everything wrong with the 'tacticool' marketing attempts.
Would love to beta test this...😎