Graphic Designer's Carry

North Jersey
I'm a graphic designer that is obsessed with gadgets and tools. My carry consists of drawing tools both analog and digital. I carry all of this in a Maxpedition bag, which can take a beating.

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Real nice collection!
Would love more details on the drawing tools.
Hey Andi, starting from the left side in the front I have 2 non-photo blue pencils, a Staedtler Lead Holder, 2 mechanical 0.5 Pentels with blue & red graphite, 3 Pentel Graphgear 1000 pencils going up in size (0.5, 0.7, 0.9) and up in graphite hardness (4H, HB, 4B), a Clic Eraser, an Xacto knife, a fine tip sharpie. On the right panel: this entire side is a collection of felt-tip pens including Microns and Copic Multiliners in various sizes. In the back compartments on the left are greyscale Copic markers and on the right side are colored Copic markers.