My Everyday Carry

Entrepreneur (age 39)
Toronto, Canada
This is what I carry in my Hard Graft Flatpack bag.

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Hi, what kind of elastic band in your notebook that holds a pencil/pen? That you made yourself or purchased somewhere? Thanks.
Very organized! Where did you get that strap around your notebook with bandolier-like pen holder? I could really use that.
Does that organizer thing have a cover? What is that exactly?
The Grid it system has a zippered pocket on the back which is where I keep SSD cards for my camera and other things. It's meant to be carried in your briefcase or backpack to keep your things organized. It also has a loop that you can't see to hang it.
Nice carry, very well organized. Question: What's the thing just to the left of the iPhone?
What type of notepad and writing utencil holder are shown?
The book band was purchased on Etsy and I can't find the manufacturer anymore, but there is a nice one made by Sirogane Leatherworks. The notebook is Whitelines Link http://whitelines.se/link/