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West Warwick, RI
These are the items I carry and use every day. Most important to me is the Leatherman. It was given to me by my late grandparents 15 years ago when I transition from cub into boy scouts. The Moto X is a Pure Edition MotoMaker phone with a bamboo back, black front, and olive accents. It's definitely my favorite phone I've ever had, but my old Nexus 4 is a close runner up. The Fisher Space Pen and Fenix E01 both go in the Leatherman pouch, which is worn on my belt. I've wanted a Fisher Space Pen since I was 7 years old and I heard about them when I went space camp, and now I finally have one. On the Fenix E01, I have a small paracord tether attached. The Carbon Access Tool is a nice handy way to store my keys without them poking through my pocket. Also makes it easy to find the right key in the dark. That and the Dollar Wallet were both Kickstarter backed products. Phone and wallet go in my left pocket, keys in my right, and watch on my left wrist. Thanks for looking!

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You gotta upgrade to a Moto 360! lol
While we already talked about it, for the benefit of the discussion here- I like the moto 360, but the pebble has it's merits. It's low cost, week long battery life, and easy to read e-ink display are what sold me on it. It's a functional watch first, and does a great job for notifications, and the recent APIs enabling it as an activity tracker for Misfit and Jawbone are pretty cool too. Current beta firmware also enables actions/replys with templates and emoticons for texts. Not nearly as capable as an android wear device, but I think there's something to be said for its simplicity.
Some nice pieces! If I had that MotoX with a wooden back, I couldn't cover it with a plastic case though. That's why my metal HTC One has 'character' all over it :-P
Thanks! I hear you on the case. The phone is awesome, but the sides aren't grippy enough for me without it. I might look into a bumper case instead.
The E01 really puts out a tremendous amount of light for running off a single AAA, doesn't it?! I like to use a keyring to attach it or the E05 to various multitools that have lanyard holes. The Victorinox Huntsman or any Leatherman in the Juice series work nicely!
I do really like the E01. I was hoping for something made in the US, but at the price point, this was the best single AAA LED flashlight I could find. 13 lumens goes a surprisingly long way.