Stayed Home to Watch Football Essentials

Murfreesboro, TN
I opted to use this day off to do some housework and relax. Today's only real goals were to not leave and to watch the AFC and NFC Championship Games.

I'm disappointed in the Packers loss, but perhaps there can be redemption in an Indianapolis win.

Anyway, these items are football essentials for me...bacon of some sort, beer and peanuts. All three of these items are from Trader Joe's, the grocery store that sees the majority of my patronage.

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Oh man - Love Simpler Times! But the Pilsner version is SO much better than the Lager! I'll have to look for that sriracha bacon jerky, though.
Disagree, James! I've had both and I gotta go lager. Either way, cheers to TJ's beer!
I really want to try that lager, but I cant seem to find it in any liqueur store near me.