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Virginia Beach, VA
This is my go too carry when out and about off campus or at home. Everything has its purpose and serves its purpose well. I love the wallet because it is leather and blocks RFID however it is on the thicker side even with the few cards I have in it. I am still looking for a good flashlight and a good pen to keep at my side. Any recommendations or tips are welcome.

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Lookin' awesome, Tyler!
Recommendation: Ditch the 23 and go with a 20 or 29. I jest, I just like my seat on the 10mm bandwagon. This is a great setup, got the two most important angles covered. As for a flashlight, I'm assuming based on the relatively lightweight carry that you'd want a more compact light? While i've never owned one (yet) I have had my eye on the led lenser F1R for a while now. It's a little bit beefy diameter wise but short on length. Puts out 1000lm on a single 18650 in that small of a package as well. If you wanted something even more compact (and cheaper) then a streamlight stylus pro or microstream would serve you well. I use a stylus pro as my backup and it's a great light at $20-$25.
I like my Preon P2 for flashlight and CRKT Tao Tactical pen w/ field notes for writing. Second the Zebra F-701 if you want something less beefy.
For a pen you can't go wrong with a Zebra F-701. The also have a matching Mechanical Pencil the Zebra M-701. Stainless steel, well built and easy to purchase. I believe any good Office Supply store should have them as well as Amazon. As far as weaponry I carry the XD40 Springfield. Good luck and nice carry.