My Classy Carry for 1/31

My classy lunch date carry with the wife and kids today.

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Thanks man. That citizen was given to me by my dad years ago. Cut my thumb the Christmas I got the case knife. That surgical steel will get ya if you don't watch it haha. Appreciate it!
Love the Russlock! I miss mine = (
Fell out of my pocket......Whoever found it is a lucky fool! Hope you enjoy your PM2, it won't be your last Spydie!
I'm not sure if I like that Case or that Citizen better!
I've got my first spyderco coming in the mail this week. I've seen from your submits you have a few. Have you had pretty good luck with them?
You better believe it, Garrett! (Without getting too longwinded) I'll be honest...when I first got into knives, I was put off by the overall design of Spyderco knives, especially the "Spyder Hole." I thought it was a bit of a gimmick and that their knives probably weren't all that great. I was WAY wrong. At this point, I have many Spydies and I love each of them. They produce quality blades made of various steels, which is very cool...you can get something on their low-end that's still extremely nice, or you can get one of their higher-end productions knives and be BLOWN AWAY. What knife of theirs did you go with???
Went with the paramilitary 2. I'm pretty excited about! Sounds great Chris, thanks for the info. I got it from knifecenter.com. They have some really great prices.