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Finally received my ccw permit so here is what my system looks like. I really like the Alien gear cloak tuck 2.0 holster. Really light and comfortable and makes it easy to conceal carry. Forgot to include my belt, which I also just purchased from daltech force, nice belt for the money and also got 10% off with free shipping so that was nice.

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This looks like a great carry! Is your belt leather or tactical? And that hk OTF is just plain awesome.
The belt is not leather, here is the description from the manufacturer "High-strength hi-tech thermopolymer polyurethane leather-like textured material with an internal integrated polyester webbing" So its a pleather covered webbing hahaha. Good belt for the money though, here is the link https://www.daltechforce.com/best-sellers/strongest-gun-belt
Awesome. thanks!