My general EDC pocket dump

This is what is in my pockets when I head to the office most days. Due to my watch reviewing responsibilities, the watches often change. If I get to wear my own, however, the Michelsen Arctic Explorer is my main go-to.

I don't often carry a light, but around the house (and when I do carry one) the Quark is what gets the nod.

The FormFunctionForm wallet has been a great addition as well, keeping a small notebook and pen handy (as well as keeping me from losing another Bullet pen).

Not pictured here (as I forgot to unclip it) is my Fitbit One, which is affixed to my pocket daily as well.

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Awesome post. That watch is killer
I've wanted an architect's wallet for years but I haven't been able to justify the price tag. Is it worth it? I want one so bad...
I agree, it is spendy, but it's been worth it since I haven't lost any more pens. It's also a handy way to force you to slim down what you carry in your wallet, as well as making sure you've always got a notebook available.
there's a simple elegance here