Quick Carry

Murfreesboro, TN
I felt like my carry needed something a bit more (I always do...we all do), so I thought I'd start accessorizing myself.

I knew a bracelet was the way to go, and since I was already ordering some other items on Etsy, I thought I'd look around for something beaded and simple. Found it!

I'm still really embracing this spinning top thing. It's an unbelievably awesome way to pass time in a mindless way. This very top is spinning in my desk as I type this out.

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I just picked up a spinning top to add to my carry as well. I got the J. L. Lawson EDC brass top in the mail yesterday, and I have to agree, great way to pass the time when your'e bored. Definitely a great addition to my carry.
Very cool, Rob! I ordered my first J.L Lawson top this morning. I went with copper because I already had a brass one. Can't wait to get it in!
Fantastic minimal/quick carry, Chris!